Terms of Use


1. Scope


These terms of use apply to the use of "Wasgau Teach".


2. The "learning platform of WASGAU AG"


1. The e-learning system is provided by Wasgau AG.

2. WASGAU AG provides information, knowledge objects, and e-training including the necessary access mechanisms to the learning platform for employees and applicants of the WASGAU Group. Access and use of the documents are subject to the terms of use as described below. Access and use shall only be granted to the user if he/she accepts these terms of use.


3. Copyright


The user acknowledges that the information, texts, software, images, videos, graphics, sounds, and other materials contained on the WASGAU AG learning platform are protected by copyright, trademark or patent rights and that the copyright and exploitation rights belong exclusively to WASGAU AG or its licensors.


4. Use of information and materials


1. The access and exploitations rights granted to the user on the learning platform cannot be transferred and are available only to the user himself/herself. The user is entitled to use the materials that are accessible on the WASGAU AG learning platform to the extent offered (e.g. to read, download, print). That right applies exclusively to personal and non-commercial use.

2. The user shall agree not to reproduce, use, sell, transmit, publish, or otherwise make available the materials for other purposes. The materials must also not be used in posts to newsgroups, mailing lists, electronic noticeboards and the like, unless in individual cases the necessary consent arises either from the materials or the learning platform.


5. Location and amendment of the terms of use


1. The text of these terms and conditions can be reviewed online under the heading ?Terms of use? on the home page of the system.

2. WASGAU AG shall be entitled to amend any section of these terms at any time. Amendments shall take effect when WASGAU AG has published them online and notified the user of the amendment. By continuing to use the learning platform, the user agrees to the amended terms of use and is bound by the provisions of the amended terms. The user may only refuse consent to the changes by terminating access to the WASGAU AG learning platform.


6. Registration (login) and access code


1. By using the WASGAU AG learning platform under the given terms and conditions, the user assures the provider that

•             he/she will never pass the login name and password on to any third parties.

2. The user acknowledges that

•             he/she is responsible for every use of the provided WASGAU AG learning platform which is carried out with his/her login name and password,

•             he/she is to ensure that his/her login name and password are protected against unauthorized use,

•             he/she is obliged to inform WASGAU AG promptly if he/she notices or suspects misuse of his/her access data.


7. User obligations


Courses, tests, and other content to be completed must be completed personally and without the help of third parties.

Users are obliged to refrain from actions and data entries on the learning platform that could lead to a disturbance of the overall operation.

The operating language is German. Contents are exclusively written in German.


8. Termination of right to use the learning platform


WASGAU AG may suspend access to the learning platform contents in part or in full or terminate the user authorization (access with login name and password), if the learning platform contents are used, either by the user or by a third party, with the user's login name and password in a manner which, in the opinion of WASGAU AG, represents a violation of these terms and conditions or which may otherwise lead to a disadvantage for WASGAU AG.